“I’m in Ten Sleep.” “Where?” My brother asks on my drive through Wyoming. “Ten Sleep…like the number…and like, what you do when you’re tired.” To climbers, mention the name Ten Sleep and there’s immediate recognition.  It’s famous in our little world for its vertical limestone cliffs filled with tendon stretching pockets and skin-shredding crimps.  Climbers come […]

Rehearsing Sexy Chocolate, 5.11 Team Weidner FA

I’m soaking wet and shivering, desperately hanging on to the side of our tipped canoe as the river pushes us along.  One day I’ll look back on this moment and laugh, I thought.  But for now, this really sucks. Our boat was riding low.  We were a team of six with three canoes, setting out […]

Shortly after staring down this micro-crimp on Die Reeperbahn, 13b in Boulder Canyon, Colorado, and falling off, I broke down and cried.  I was disappointed in myself and thought I wouldn't be able to do the crux.  I realized shortly after how silly it was to get so upset, and the next day out I sent the route.  Photo credit:   Jon Glassberg

“Your head will collapse If there’s nothing in it And you’ll ask yourself Where is my mind?”  -The Pixies Climbing is not all about being physically strong. This is what I love about this sport- our success is largely dependent on our mental strength. I find this fulfilling, otherwise I might decide to be a […]


Accounts of Argentina, Alpinism, and Abdominal Surgery I watched the abdomen fill with bright red blood. Trying to slow the bleeding with sterile gauze was as effective as drying out a swimming pool with paper towels. As the blood in her abdominal cavity continued to rise, I felt my own leave my head and my […]

Pegg Leg FA on Brownstone Wall

Chris and I were at The Great Red Roof when we saw the ringtail. Growing up and climbing in the Vegas area I’d heard of the ringtail cat (not of the feline family but closer to a raccoon) for years, but I’d never seen one in its natural environment.  They’re nocturnal and shy by nature, […]

No this is not Europe. Hanging around Slade, Kentucky on a rest day with exotic statues.

“Let it go!  The cold never bothered me anyway!!!” My friend Elizabeth and I sang along with Idina Menzel at the top of our lungs from our rent-a-car, feeling like teenage girls about to go out on the town. But instead, the two of us- far from being teens and far from home- were in […]

Climbing at Citdibi.  Photo credit Justin Roth.

I felt a tap on my shoulder on the airport bus after a ten-hour flight from Chicago to Istanbul. I was well on my way to my final destination of Geyikbayiri, Turkey to meet up with Petzl for the last leg of the Roc Trip. I turned to see a familiar face, but it took […]


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