Back in Vegas…

12 more work days!  Today was very busy (first day back in 14 days) and four clients cried knowing our visit was the last.  What an emotional day!  I feel very blessed to have developed such meaningful relationships with clients and their fuzzy family members.  It was amazing to realize the impact I have had on their lives and I am eternally thankful for the experiences shared together.  Here is to a new chapter of my life in which I feel so blessed for!  The response from my dear friends and clients is universal…live your life to the fullest now, as it is short.  Thank you to all for the encouragement and support, I wish you nothing but the best!
Drinking vino tinto and dreaming of Rodellar with my true love.  Can’t wait to live there.  I am eternally thankful for this life here and now!
Will keep you all posted:).

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