All in a Day’s Work

It takes discipline to stay awake for 24 hours. Especially when those hours include sport climbing, training, partying, and an all-night dance party on The Strip.
When we stepped out of the club this morning the sun had already risen. By the time Heather and I, and our friends Jonathan Siegrist and Stacey Pearson got to bed it was already 8am. I love that! I haven’t partied that late since my marathon party week in Nottingham, England in 2006.
But that’s a different story.

Heather set the upbeat tone for one of the most memorable days of my life by flashing Cosmos (13a) at Red Rock yesterday afternoon. Her send was tangible proof of her development not only as a strong climber but a skilled climber.

Heather bouldering last week at Kraft Mountain, 10 minutes from our house.

Positive vibes sustained us through a tread wall training session after dark, a wicked pre-party at our house, and an all-night dance party at the Marquee Night Club at the Cosmopolitan.
Yeah, Vegas may not be the most attractive city, but it sure is a damn good time 🙂

Pool tournament at our home last week, with traditional Tajik hats for good luck. 
J-Star (Jonathan Siegrist) shows off another perfect photo. 

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