Cowboy (and girl) trail ride!

Yesterday morning Chris and I had the opportunity to ride horses in Red Rock Canyon thanks to Cowboy Trail Rides and our friend Tom Moulin.  Growing up, horses were my life- I was that obsessed little girl.  I rode and showed horses for ten years as a kid (it was the passion that climbing is to me now).  It was so nice to be able to be around them again- I miss their presence, the smell of hay, and the warmth under their manes.
The ability of the horses to maneuver on super rocky terrain was impressive.  We rode for about an hour over steep and narrow ridges and limestone littered steps.
The owner, Big Jim Sage (yep- this is his name for real), was quite the character.  Beyond his gruff cowboy persona it was clear he is passionate about the care for his horses and facility.
If you are in Vegas and need a break from the strip or have a rest day from climbing, go ride with these guys!
A big thanks to our four-legged friends, Scooter and Smokey for the awesome ride!

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