Climb On!

I want to extend a big thank you to Polly at Climb On!  I am a huge fan of her products.  As rock climbers, we all know the benefits of protecting our skin.  I use the Climb On! bar and lotion daily to be able to climb full time.  In the dry desert conditions of Las Vegas it is especially important to hydrate your skin- the largest organ in your body.
Not only is Climb On! lotion awesome for rock climbers, it is also super effective for many health conditions and safe for use on animals, too!  As a veterinarian, I never had a go-to product to recommend for dry skin on dogs and cats until now.  Yes, our furry friends have dry skin as well.
My dog, Sammie, is an old girl (she’s 13yr- that’s roughly 91yr if she were a person).  She suffers from hyperkeratosis of her nasal planum- aka “crusty nose” or “old dog nose.”  If left untreated, she can develop deep cracks or fissures in her nose leading to secondary bacterial infections.  The same condition frequently happens in a dog’s paws, and it is essential to treat them with a safe, natural product.  For all those crag dogs out there, Climb On! works great to treat burned or overused paws from running on rocks.

Here are some pictures to demonstrate Climb On! creme’s efficacy on Sammie’s crusty nose:

                            Before Climb On! creme:  note deep fissures that can lead to infection.

         After Climb On! creme use:  only 48 hours later, applying thin layer to nose only twice daily.

Amazing!  A good trick to applying the creme to a dog’s nose is to gently hold the muzzle, rub lotion in for 30sec, then feed them or give them treats (that will prevent them from licking it all off immediately).

High five! (or four plus dewclaw for those with non-opposable thumbs)  Sammie loves her Climb On! too.  She feels better and she knows a treat is in store whenever the little white tin comes out.

Check out the new website and all the other products available including sunscreen, deodorant, and bug spray to name a few.  Thank you Climb On!

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  1. Have you ever used Climb On on a cat's paws? Our cat's foot pads get very dry and we're considering trying it.


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