Yay Colorado!

Chris and I have been climbing in Rifle, CO for the past few weeks and have officially moved in to a room in Boulder with Chris’ pseudo parents, June and Vince.  Although we’ve had record temps here, it sure is nice to be away from Vegas during the ridiculously hot summer months.

                                                                    On the road to CO

Rifle Mountain Park is a sport climber’s paradise.  After climbing at Potosi with kind of a brutal approach, I feel so spoiled to be able to just walk 30 seconds to the base of hundreds of classic climbs.

                                                               Cattle drive in Rifle

Not only is the climbing amazing, the camping is hard to beat.  We are lucky to have the Eurovan to make camping super plush.  Sam Dog would get kind of chilly at night, so she literally had three layers of clothes on and her very own sleeping bag- she’s not spoiled at all.

Chris just left today to guide some teenagers up Mt. Baker in Washington for a summer camp that he attended as a kid as well.  As for Sam Dog and I, we are in Boulder now wedding planning and hanging out with June and Vince.

                                     Chris working on his column at the Juniverse in Boulder, CO

                                                            June and I all dressed up

I’m planning on leaving in a day or two to get back to Rifle- so hooked!  I’ll keep you all posted…

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