Girl Time

As much as I love and feel at home in obscure crags in the middle of nowhere, I’m not afraid to admit I really enjoy the occasional splendor of a big city- especially if it’s spent with good friends.

My amazing girlfriend from veterinary school, Leah, and I had been talking months ago about doing something really fun as kind of a bachelorette vacation.

So, while Chris and his friend Bruce were planning a big boy climbing adventure in Canada, I decided to arrange girl time and fly to The Big Apple to meet up with my best girlfriend, Leah, who lives in NYC.

Leah is fantastic.  She lives a “Sex in the City” kind of life.  Residing in Manhattan (or MENhattan as she calls it), NY, she is an emergency vet and always has a new boy toy in the mix.  The reasons for break-ups are usually straight out of a Seinfeld episode.
“The sex was just not good- I’m over it.”
“He wasn’t smart enough.”
“Not enough money.”
“Doesn’t want kids.”
“Not athletic.”
“Too old.”
It goes on and on.  For good reason, too.  Leah deserves the best- she’s smart, fun, beautiful, successful, and athletic.  Oh and she loves to party.  Any eligible bachelors just contact me- I’ll hook you up.  

Ahh, single life.  I can’t say I miss it at all, but I do love how adventurous Leah is, and without any ties she agreed to fly to Paris for five days.
So there we were, on a plane to Paris from the big NYC, drinking wine, watching movies, and constantly giggling like teenagers.

In Paris, we ate way too much food and drank way too much wine.  I’m still trying to work off the yummy French bread and cheese, croissants, and Chardonnay.

We saw the sights and shopped during the day, and in the evenings we’d somehow always run into locals at a cafe and end up talking for hours.

We had such an awesome time and what I valued the most out of the trip was just being with my best girlie.  Girlfriends are precious.  I have been so lucky to share life with some amazing gals and I value them more than words can describe.

And now back to training and climbing mixed in with wedding planning.  Less than two weeks to go before the big day!  I love my life!

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