It’s been a year of firsts for me in the world of climbing. This spring I was able to send my first trad 5.13, learn how to bolt, and climb my very first FA (first ascent) in the wild west of the Green River in Utah. I am happy to announce I’ve added a new […]

I was sixteen and it was homecoming.  I knew tonight would be the big night.  Frankly I just wanted it to be over with and I was tired of missing out on all the hoop-la. He was a swimmer and we ran cross country together.  What I remember most about him was his unusually good […]

Despite the passing of Amendment 64 which legalized marijuana here in Colorado, Musta Been High refers to a rock climb- not the green stuff. Some might say I Musta Been High to climb this route, but I did not take advantage of our local Cannabis dispensaries.  Musta Been High is a traditional climb in Eldorado Canyon […]

Chris and I have been spending our time in Las Vegas for the past two weeks.  We came down for the 11th Annual Red Rock Rendezvous, a climber’s festival, and of course to see family and friends.  My brother, my niece, one of my cousins, and dear family friends (my pseudo family) still live in […]

Beautiful girls, snow-kissed mountains, red wine, and creamy tiramisu.  Believe the hype- life doesn’t get any better than this… This is Italy. Chris and I were climbing in Geyikbayiri, Turkey, for the last leg of our trip, when I got an email from one of the most bellissima woman of climbing: Daila Ojeda. She and […]

For the past two weeks, Chris and I have been enjoying a new place to us both.  We have been rock climbing in a small village called Geyikbayiri in southwest Turkey. We joined up with our friends Paige Claassen and Jon Glassberg who are on a nine month tour around the world for Lead Now, […]

Kalymnos is a rocky little island belonging to the Dodecanese Islands of Greece in the Aegean Sea.  Along the towering limestone cliff bands and impressive caves, small spiky shrubs and herbs predominate the landscape.  There are only a few trees, just a smattering of olive and pine, with oleander bushes lining the small winding streets. […]

Just over a month ago, friends in the States were asking us where we were headed for the next few months.  We told them our plans of climbing in Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria. “Bulgaria?  Huh…(long pause)…Interesting.” being the most common response. I honestly had my doubts about Bulgaria, too.  I knew nothing about the […]

Starting off our four month long trip in and around Europe, Chris and I spent the past week in the climber paradise known as Rodellar in Spain. Rodellar is a quaint and stunningly beautiful town composed primarily of climbers, canyoneers, hikers, and bird watchers. When we first arrived, we feared we had brought the Boulder […]

Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated with everything Ireland.  The horses (predominantly), the folklore, the Celtic influence, the miles of green, the history of war and the Irish people’s will to keep on going.  In elementary school whenever we had to pick a country to write a report about, it inevitably […]