After spending much of the summer projecting in Rifle, it was refreshing to climb in Maple Canyon, forgetting about projecting and attempting to on-sight for a week.  But most importantly of all, it was rejuvenating to spend some quality girl time with one of my best friends from Las Vegas, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is amazing.  She […]

“So, what are you projecting Heather?” “Uhhh, it’s called The Gayness.  Yep, The Gayness.  It’s an extension of Gay Science and it goes at 14a.” As more people inquired about my climbing interest, I began to really wish my project had a cooler, more stout name.  How bout Annihilator, The Beast, Huge, The Violator, Scarface, […]

“When you’re out there on a ledge and there’s a storm rolling in, you can’t just cut the line. You have to keep on going and fighting.”  -Sean Patrick, founder of HERA Yesterday was the 7th annual HERA Climb4Life Colorado and it was a huge success!  This was the first year that all the climbing […]

Just last Friday, I was in the Access Fund bathroom at Rifle Mountain Park on a rest day when someone rudely (I thought at the time) started banging on the door. “Just a second!”  Wow, they must really have to go I thought. Instead of a fellow camper desperate for the restroom, I heard a […]

   I found the little love of my life twelve years ago at a shelter in Englewood, CO.  I walked along the adoption alley and all the dogs were barking and jumping up on the cage doors, begging for attention- all except one.   She was the saddest looking pup (about two years old) in […]

Driving back from the club at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas at 5:00am after dancing all night, I turned to Chris.   “I think we have more fun than 99% of the population.”   He laughed and responded, “I’ll bet you’re right.” Chris and I drove to Las Vegas to spend Christmas this past year.  […]

For my whole life I’ve been characterized as a string bean.  I grew up ballet dancing and having my child weight of eighty pounds getting thrown off of one thousand pound horses.  I am long and twiggy, have little muscles, and challenged when I actually have to bend my arms on a climb. I can’t […]

Gay Science, 5.13d on the send I woke up yesterday morning in the Rusty Cannon Motel in Rifle, CO, singing Eye of the Tiger.  No joke- remember Stallone in Rocky?  It was super random.  I hadn’t heard this iconic song anywhere recently and it’s not as if I even like it or any of the […]

As much as I love and feel at home in obscure crags in the middle of nowhere, I’m not afraid to admit I really enjoy the occasional splendor of a big city- especially if it’s spent with good friends. My amazing girlfriend from veterinary school, Leah, and I had been talking months ago about doing […]

It’s seldom I feel competent in climbing.  I often feel like hard work just pays off eventually as far as redpointing is concerned, and am perpetually humbled.  However, last week I felt on fire.  I had left Rifle two weeks ago with Chris to head to Boulder, then Chris went to Washington to guide some […]