Rifle Revisited

It’s seldom I feel competent in climbing.  I often feel like hard work just pays off eventually as far as redpointing is concerned, and am perpetually humbled.  However, last week I felt on fire.  I had left Rifle two weeks ago with Chris to head to Boulder, then Chris went to Washington to guide some climbers up Mt. Baker.  I had some unfinished business to do and thought, what better time to revisit Rifle?  I was determined to redpoint these routes I had worked on.  
So, me and little old Sam Dog headed to the sport climbing mecca, hoping to rally up climbing partners along the way.
Turns out Rifle is by far the best place to hook up with random climbing partners.  On any given day, I felt lucky to hook up with some inspiring and super friendly climbers.
It was also really nice to spend quality time with my little old dog, Sammie.  We would snuggle up in the Subaru at night, falling asleep to the sound of her snoring- priceless.

After Chris and I’s first climbing trip to Rifle, I had a period where I thought projecting would be daunting and bad for my climbing (after spending my spring judiciously projecting at Mt. Potosi in NV).  But, my nature kicked in, and after two weeks I was ready to try hard.  I was super close to redpointing two 13bs but couldn’t pull it off in our short trip.
Hence, Rifle revisited- I had unfinished business.
It’s a totally different feel showing up at a crag without any partners- it shows you how important it is to have a climbing family beyond your own solid partners, and enables the establishment of new and vital relationships.  

I had an inspiring experience climbing with super strong Rifle heroines, Jen Vennon and Wendy Williams.  There is an energy climbing with women that is unrepeatable with men, and I was eternally thankful to spend time and climb with these inspiring women.  With their encouragement and to my surprise, I sent all my outstanding projects!
Two of my three ascents were belayed by my super crusher women climber friends, and I think there is a lot to be said for this relationship.  I am so thankful to share successes with inspiring women and so happy we can inspire each other!

Tomorrow I am off to Seattle to meet up with Chris, then climbing in Squamish for the first time.
I am so thankful for travel, relationships built, and lessons learned along the way.

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  1. I read this and think…. i need to escape for a while.

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